Minnesota Natural Medicine – the oldest and most experienced medical clinic integrating board-certified internal medicine, functional and naturopathic medicine, and energetic tools, along with the most modern forms of genomic and functional testing that personalizes care. Issues that we address range from common medical conditions such as migraine headaches and intestinal irritability to complex chronic illness in the elderly. Each case is treated as a unique one. Our aim is to “compress morbidity” as much as possible into the end of life. That is to say we attempt to optimize functional health in all areas regardless of the underlying illness.

We have no insurance contracts that bind us to specific treatments and which would otherwise prevent us from exploring novel tests and treatments. This includes Medicare. A couple of Minnesota companies are particularly punitive about denying payment to patients who submit claims from our office. A new service can help cut through the unjust denial of benefits. Medical Bill Gurus will freely evaluate your claim to maximize your coverage.

Existing patients who have not yet registered for the patient portal – our communication link – may do so here.

We employ novel tools for risk management and treatment above and beyond those routine tests that have been done for years in the standard cl inic. Some examples of this include:

Arterial pulse wave analysis is the advanced method to measure blood pressure and to determine the health of arteries and the true need for blood pressure and other medications affecting the heart and vessels.

The Galleri Cancer Test can detect the presence of malignancies long before they are visible by standard techniques such as x-rays, mammograms, scans, or colonoscopy. This permits detection of malignant cells long before they become a clinical issue. We feel that this is the future of cancer management – eliminate it before it has a chance to grow. The FDA has now approved the test, but insurers will likely take a bit longer to decide at what level they will cover it.  This test is now available by appointment.

Only the highest quality supplements are recommended — usually at discounted pricing for patients only. We also now offer total customization for supplements and nutraceuticals — the first in Minnesota.

Microcurrent, PEMF, red light/near infra red phototherapy are applied to injured tissue, brain injuries, and degenerative areas to promote recovery rather than simply treating symptoms with antidepressants, steroids or pain medications that usually are simply Band-Aids. Although medications for pain or mood can certainly be helpful, they are not a long-term solution. We have just added PEMF therapy that will open up a new area for treatment of chronic pain and degenerative conditions as well as neurocognitive disorders.

Immunotherapy utilizes very low concentrations of proteins from common pathogens that are likely induction agents for many autoimmune conditions. Individuals who simply can’t get better after suffering from Lyme disease in its many forms, often require treatments that have little to do with antibiotics.

Pharmacogenomic testing provides an analysis of each persons genotype and how it will respond to various drug classes. This can make the difference between the application of an effective drug at the proper dose and dosing interval versus someone using a drug that’s either not effective or that will be predictably causing adverse reactions.

These are just some of the areas that the management of complex illness the 21st century requires.