Preventing and treating coronavirus infections…ivermectin and carrageenan.

Published: Jan 27, 2021

This might even include preventing a so-called “positive test” in an asymptomatic carrier.  As many know, a “positive test” in an asymptomatic person likely represents no infection at all but rather a PCR test picking up DNA fragments of past coronavirus infections or exposures.  Evidence strongly suggests that these people are NOT spreaders of disease.  To learn more about PCR testing and its pitfalls go here.  Needless to say, if a laboratory (or a state government for that matter) wants to create an 85% false positive rate for PCR testing, it most definitely can do so.  Nonetheless, many people are currently fearful of being “trapped” someplace where a negative PCR test for CV 19 is required to return to the United States if in another country or to their state of origin if certain governors have now required that.  Many are fearful of traveling at all because they might “test positive” and thereby get quarantined and stranded somewhere. There is a potential solution to all of this,  and it comes in the form of a medication commonly used by many pet owners.

Ivermectin is a drug commonly used as a preventive for heartworm and as a treatment for parasites such as head lice. It is fairly benign but seems to have a remarkable capacity to stop coronaviruses — and likely other respiratory viruses such as influenza — rather quickly long before any meaningful infection get started.  A new study published in November 2020 demonstrates that this drug clearly prevents the illness in a simple topical form (drops on the tongue several times per day) along with a carrageenan (seaweed extract) nasal spray.   In fact it was so effective that not a single healthcare worker in 3 hospitals among several hundred who used this got sick with COVID 19 while 30% of the control group either tested positive or became ill.  If you are wondering why there has been no mention of this on the nightly news, then you are a member of a growing club.  The cable news networks and nightly anchors remain muted.

If one simply adds the benefits of vitamin D and the other micronutrients that we KNOW prevent morbidity or serious illness with this Wuhan virus to the effect of ivermectin and carrageenan — all easily obtainable and inexpensive — why would anyone fear going about their business even in high density, “risky” environments?   That is a very compelling question that needs answering by the likes of the eminent Dr Michael Osterholm and public health officials whom he advises.   These are the people who continue to foment fear and trembling and who force 16 year olds in empty arenas to wear useless paper masks while exerting themselves playing hockey.