Customizing EVERYTHING…

Minnesota Natural Medicine will be one of the first clinics that actually customizes your nutritional supplements.   We already customize your hormone therapy when indicated based on genotype testing, age, medical conditions, etc.  We also genotype your reactions and handling of medications.  Although most medical systems treat people with a “one size fits all” approach, the science and technology is now available for very reasonable costs to treat all drugs, hormones, and supplements as individualized substances.  E.g., Mrs Jones needs 1 mg per day of folic acid, but Mrs Smith requires 2 mg for her biology to function optimally.

Now, we will actually formulate your nutritional supplements or nutraceuticals right down to the capsule.  Once we identify what you need — and do not need — a much more concise group of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc., can be formulated ONLY FOR YOU.  So, instead of being told that you need to take these 8 different supplements from 3 different companies, you might only need 3 products made only for Mrs Jones.  In fact your name will be on the bottle.  Fewer capsules, no unnecessary ingredients (so you do not have to worry about too much of any given substance), and excipients or fillers chosen by us (no funny chemicals).

This service will be available for you at the time of your next visit.