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Our primary mission has not changed but we are "evolving".  First, our electronic healthcare record has been completely reengineered to become more patient friendly. On April 1, 2018, this website will look much different.  If you are a patient of Minnesota Natural Medicine, you will either already have received or will be receiving information that will allow you to create a personal and private portal into our medical record, scheduling, etc.  Please use this link to register if you are a patient.

We focus on the application of "upstream principles" that are all too often excluded from our medical care. These include the identification of our genetic strengths and weaknesses, biological functions, and nutritional needs that form a unique set of variables that are highly specific. If addressed appropriately, we feel that functional capacity can be optimized, disease activity curtailed, and true prevention practiced.  There is nothing "experimental or investigational" about what we do.  Necessary time and focus (things you rarely get in your local insurance company-managed care factory) are essential elements in what we do.  

The so-called "standard of care" is no longer simply what the AMA or the local HMO or ACO wants it to be so that health and disease management can be rationed with your dollars.  Rather, it is to whatever and wherever the current science and discovery of one's unique nature can lead us.  It is optimal to have a basis of evidence for making these choices.  But often, such evidence is not forthcoming and must be discovered through the diligent efforts of a professional working with a patient as a team.

Some things we do differently including many unique functional medicine tests through labs such as Genova and Meridian Valley.  This is one of the only places in Minnesota where arterial pulse wave analysis is done allowing a true measurement of small vessel arterial elasticity (a much more accurate method of determining whether or not one should be on blood pressure medications).  We do perform the blood culture test for Lyme disease, now felt to be the gold standard for practitioners who are knowledgeable in the diagnosis and management of this all-too-often missed diagnosis.  The new generation of testing for cancer, the OncoBlot, is now available. This test may ultimately render screening mammograms and colonoscopy quite obsolete.  The idea is to manage every case according to its uniquenesses instead of clumping everyone into a practice guideline many of which are seriously flawed.

There are many reasons why we do not have contracts with insurance companies.  The most important ones include the fact that these contracts allow third-party insurers and their non-physician, non-medically trained administrative staff to dictate the types of services that we provide.  This includes the type of tests we are allowed to perform and the various forms of treatment that we are allowed to dispense.  Additionally, a contracted provider or physician must accept the payment the insurance company decides that is "customary and reasonable".  Usually these are grossly discounted and actually disrespectful of the amount of training and experience involved in the practice of functional in integrative medicine.
Offices and clinics that are contracted with insurers are among the chief reasons why these participating physicians and other providers keep their visits very brief and occasionally quite disinterested.  Our clinic has a good deal of experience with the insurance industry, and we can tell you that it is impossible to spend the type of high quality, well-research, and conscientious time and investigative work each case deserves under the terms of any insurance contract.

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