What’s really in that protein powder?

Published: Sep 03, 2018

Clean Label Project completed a study of 134 protein powders on the market.  The alarming results found 70% contained lead, 74% contained cadmium, and 55% contained BPA.  Many of the worst cases were products I see on the shelves of local health food stores.  I’m often asked by patients to offer my opinion on products patients find at these stores.  My reply is often vague as I don’t really know how each company handles the ingredients they use in their products.  Most of the companies I recommend are only sold through health care providers and are likely going to cost a bit more.  But, I know they test the raw ingredients before using them in their products.  Scary thing is, when these higher quality labels actually reject a substance for these reasons, the supplier takes the product back and resells it to another company.  These are likely the products you see for seemingly better prices in the retail outlets and online.  Hopefully, the American Botanical Council is successful in their effort to change this practice — Julie Tebben CNP