That weedkiller you use…

Published: Sep 22, 2018

A growing number of households use any number of brands of weedkiller on their lawns these days.  Or we hire some company (Truly Safe Lawn Care or whatever) to spray “totally organic” weedkillers.  The vast majority of them have 2,4 D (dichlorophenoxyacetic acid), a chemical developed by Dow in the 1940s that is largely responsible for that golf course lawn.  The recent Monsanto verdict re Roundup and lymphoma is just the beginning.   My neighbors — many of whom are very nice people — are simply tone deaf when it comes to their lawns and gardens.  They buy organic produce then spray their grounds with Roundup and 2,4 D so they can breathe, drink, and absorb it for months out of the year.  Then they are astonished when they get the oncology referral.  You need to pay attention

Oh, and now this:  glyphosate (RoundUp), that “totally safe herbicide”, is killing the bees.  Wake up America.  Wake up neighbors who use it constantly.  You complain about fossil fuels yet douse your gardens with this stuff.  What is wrong with you?