For our patients…a new electronic medical record (EMR).

Published: Feb 28, 2019

We are yet again migrating to a new EMR after March 1st for a number of reasons, the major one of which is to ease communications and correct problems we have had in the past year with our current one.   Lab tests and other portal communications have been saved (and found in some cases), so they will be available upon request.  The new link to register for the new record and portal is HERE.  Most all of any other “paperwork” can be done at the time of the next visit, whether by phone or in the office.  We will also have the capacity to do telemedicine visits, like a Skype communication, that will be secure (unlike Skype).  The scheduling process will also be improved and more accurate.  We look forward to focusing on the issues of health and less on information technology going forward.

It is imperative that you use the exact version of your name that is recorded in or system.  Eg, if we have you registered as “John R Miller” in our chart, trying to create a portal account with just “John Miller” will not work.  If you cannot remember what version of your name might be in use, just refer to your last clinic note where your name is represented as it is registered in the system.