Consultation and examination – Office, telephone, online arranged based on patient’s needs; areas of concentration include specific female and male health, chronic inflammatory disease particularly Lyme disease and its multiple manifestations, early detection of cancer and appropriate management, cardio metabolic disease including coronary artery disease with an emphasis on comprehensive management above and beyond statin drugs, age management assessment and approaches, autism, chronic fatigue, neuropsychiatric conditions requiring support above and beyond simple medications.  An effort is made to work collaboratively with local physicians and other practitioners particularly if coming from any significant distance.

Full laboratory – A full array of standard and  detailed functional,  genetic, neurocognitive, and vascular laboratory tools available.  Our laboratory contracts include Labcorp, Genova, Great Plains, CNS VS, Igenex, Infectolabs, Vibrant, OneOme, and the Laboratory for Advanced Medicine (IvyGene cancer testing).

Dispensary — High quality supplements available from specific and vetted manufacturers at below retail prices for our patients.  We are also introducing total customization such that supplements are specifically manufactured for single patients. The cost of doing this has fallen significantly, and so now we truly can “personalize” treatment plans. This will significantly reduce the number of supplements and capsules taken daily.

PEMF, photobiomodulation, and K4 laser  available from trained practitioners.

Neurocognitive testing as part of a national database.  This test evaluates and identifies “brain fog”, mental fall away, ADD, etc. with great precision.

Arterial pulse-wave analysis – a method for determining the health of the vascular system and endothelium.  This is the only really accurate way to measure blood pressure and can much more carefully measure those who need blood pressure drugs and those who do not.

Low dose immunotherapy – a new form of treatment for individuals with chronic autoimmune conditions.